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Short Term Courses

e- Professional

v Java Programming (80 Hrs)

�   Data type, Loop, function, array, string, Inheritence, Applets, AWT.

v Oracle 8i/Developer 2000/VB (100 Hrs)

�    DBMS, SQL, PL SQL, Visual Basic.

v Web Application Development         

�    HTML ,XML, Online Information Services, Risk Management

v  Certificate in VB with Access Microsoft (80 Hrs)

                       Visual Basic, Access Microsoft

v  .Certificate in Oops & C Programming( 80 Hrs)

                      Oops , Object, Class , Data type , array, function , String , File Handling.

v  . Application development using C (40 Hrs)

                       Object, Class , Data type , array, function , String , File Handling

v  (VB with SQL Server ) application development

                      SQL Server 2008, Visual Basic.

v  .Certificate in Linux Unix(30 Hrs)

v  Certificate in Network Technology(80Hrs)

             Network Essentials, Server, Workstation

v  Desk Top Publishing (DTP 40)

                   Coral Draw, Photoshop.

v  Computer Aided Designing (Auto CAD 80 Hrs)

                          Engineering, Civil, Electrical, Technical Drawing for B.Tech , Diploma, ITI & Industrial Staff

e- Office

v  Certificate in Office automation (80 Hrs)

                     MS Office, Window, Internet

v  Certificate in financial accounting (Tally)

                     Basic Accounting Concept, Prepration Reports Printing,  Inventory Management

v  Certificate in Web Design( 80 Hrs)

                      HTML, CSS, Flash, Adobe Photoshop.

v  DB application development using ACCESS 2000


e- People

v  Certificate Using Computer (25 Hrs)

                   Fundamental IT, window, MS word, Spreadsheets, Using web

v  Certificate in C Programming ( 30 Hrs)

                     Data type, function, string, pointer, structure.

v  Certificate in C Programming

                     Object, Class , Data type , array, function , String , File Handling

v  Certificate in using Web (25 Hrs)

                       Internet, online Reservation & Payment. Security Issues.


Project Training

v  Graduation (B.Tech/BCA , 2 Month)

v  Post Graduation (M.Tech /MCA, 6 Month)

 Academic Course (10 2  ICSE, ISC , CBSE)

v  Computer Application ( JAVA/ Blue J)

v  Computer Science ( JAVA /C/ C )

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