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DATA ANALYTICS WHAT IS DATA ANALYTICS Data Analytics is the science of analyzing data to convert information to useful knowledge. This knowledge could help us understand our world better, and in many contexts enable us to make better decisions. CAREER IN DATA ANALYTICS To make career in data analytics you must have some sets of skills in yourself 1.Analytics goes well beyond knowing tools like SAS, SPSS, R etc. The first and foremost is understanding if you have problem solving skills using data. 2. Second set of skills necessary are domain or business understanding. Since mainly you will be solving business problems you need to understand the driver of that business or industry well and the important metrics in that business or domain 3.Third set of skills would be the numerical and technical ones. the tools SAS, R, Python, SPSS, Hive, Pig etc are important but there is much more to analytics than the tools. 4. Fourth skills would be verbal & written communication. You need the ability to visualize data through interesting charts, tables, maps etc, tell stories, create presentations, have the tact and ability to let the business guys know their gut feel was wrong and your data analysis was correct. DATA ANALYST JOB OPENINGS FOR FRESHERS IN DELHI NCR 1. Hiring for Data Analyst Company Name Softlogique IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Company Location Noida To apply go through the link given below 2. Apply for Data Analyst Company Name Dew Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Company Location Gurgaon To apply go through the link given below 3. Demand Forecasting + R Programming / Data Analyst in Retail or FMCG or CPG Company Name Accenture Company Location Gurgaon, India To apply for this opening go through the link below 4. Hiring for MI Data Management Analyst Company Name American Express Global Business Travel Company Location Gurgaon, India To apply go through the link given below 5. Opening for Data Analyst Company Name WNS GLOBAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Company Location Gurgaon To apply go through the link given below 6. Hiring freshers for Data Analyst job Company Name Panacea manpower services Company Location Delhi NCR To apply go through the given link If you have such skills in yourself that are described above then you can apply for these job openings and if you want to learn and develop these skills in yourself to become data analyst then you can join Data Analytics training program conducted by ETL Labs Pvt. Ltd. under the guidance of IIM Ahmedabad alumni at Gomti Nagar Lucknow. For more information and for any query about this course you can visit us at
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Master Big Data Anal
Master Big Data Analytics Big Data Analytics is the process of examining data sets in order to draw conclusions about the information they contain. Learning about big data analytics is an ongoing process, and there are a variety of routes professionals and students can take to become experts in the field. For today’s marketing and IT professionals, big data analytics is rapidly becoming an essential yet multifaceted skill, and those who master big data analytics play a critical role in transforming their companies into data-driven organizations. To become a successful IT professional master big data analytics. Here are some reasons why you should master big data analytics- Big data creates career advancement opportunities for IT and other professionals. Big data analytics skills are useful in practically any setting, including learning environments. Big data is changing the way marketing and IT professionals are trained. Machine learning enables organizations to draw from past experiences to predict outcomes. Big data analytics knowledge is useful in many roles, including the C-suite.  Technology readily supports the collection, storage, and security of big data, but the real opportunity lies in big data analysis. Managers must learn tools for analyzing and visualizing information to communicate with data scientists. To get the most out of big data, companies must make big data a central business tenet. If you want to read more about why you should learn big data analytics? Then you can visit at- There are many job opportunities in the present market for big data analytics professionals. You can learn Big Data Analytics by joining Data Analytics course conducted by one of the best centers for big data analytics training, ETL Labs Pvt. Ltd. at Gomti Nagar Lucknow. ETL Labs is set up under the guidance of IIM Ahmedabad alumni. Course for big data analytics training is designed by our experts from IIM Ahmedabad. For more information about this training center, you can visit us at-
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